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If you live in Sheffield, United Kingdom, then you may have seen some of artwork around town. 

Back at the start of the 2022, I couldn't believe that JackArts, the well known and very cool London agency that promotes artists all around the UK, wanted to work with little unknown me, PattyB. As a new Artist they have really supported me, got to know me over the months of the whole process...

... and now my artwork, my little drawings and collages that I create in the middle of the night, in my little Sheffield flat, are on #BUILDHOLLYWOOD billboards on the streets of Sheffield for all my friends and neighbours and cityfolk to appreciate. 

I still cant believe it.

Click Here to read my interview with them where I talk about why I do all this art stuff.

JackArtsMeetsPattyB: About Us
JackArtsMeetsPattyB: Pro Gallery
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