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About the collection

Patty B is a self-taught artist who first started drawing as a means of escaping the white noise and superficial demands of everyday life. Since her debut exhibition, "Her Story Remains Unfinished" in 2019, Patty B has continued to draw portraits to capture those moments of peace and tranquillity, explored different mediums and landed on a signature style that best expresses her vision and experiences. This collection of portraits have mostly been drawn on black paper, contrasting charcoal and white pastel to create definition and a life-like image of the subject. To further imitate life, Patty B adorns each portrait with a range of simple to complex textures and materials collected from magazines, wrapping paper and recycled craft materials. These coloured and textured layers somehow, through lessons yet to learn, bring out the light and perspective of the story of our subject.

All artwork is available for purchase through auction

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