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The Mental Health Foundation in the UK reports that Afro-Caribbean people in the UK are more likely than any other ethnic group to experience severe mental health issues. The report also highlights that Black women have a more difficult journey accessing specialist mental health services, often referred to practitioners that lack understanding of the experiences of black women or having to incur an excess of costs to get adequate therapy. Having experienced these difficulties myself I am committed to supporting black women to get the best help and support for their mental health. Art by Patty B has partnered up with Black Minds Matter UK, a charity that is dedicated to enabling Black Womxn to access specialist mental health support and therapies. A percentage of the proceeds made from your purchases from Art by PattyB will be put to raising funds to cover therapy costs and raise awareness and support for women experiencing the challenges of being black and having difficulties with mental health. There will also be regular auctions of Original Artwork by PattyB to further raise  funds and awareness for the cause. Subscribe to the Newsletter for updates on auction events and new releases of Art by PattyB. Visit for more information on Mental Health Support for the community and listings of Black British Therapists. 

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